VIP Area

VIP Area

VIP Area: The audience is warned off entering an area marked on the floor unless they can satisfy one of two conditions. The work highlights some aspects of contracts: Who is BBD? What right does he have to mark off an area? When people walk over the area, did they simply not see the notice? Are they self certifying their compliance? Are they deliberately breaking the rules? Does the notice have force because it's official, or because people don't want to walk on a piece of art.

VIP Area has the privilege of having been censored. The work was removed and destroyed during the exhibition.

Interactivity: people's responses to the space mark their interaction.

Further reading: "governmentality"


  • 2016
  • Installation
  • Vinyl Floor Decal, Terms
  • 2.6m x 4m
  • Work
  • Terms
  • Other